An update, at long last – late, but awesome!

Hey it’s been awhile! I have stuff worthy of updates, and have for awhile, but I’m a dummy who forgot he even had a website!

The POSER trade paperback is finally happening with our great friends at A Wave Blue World. Clay and I finally got the IP back and are so happy a collected version of our punk rock slasher horror book will finally see print!

It’s a story of the frustration of trying to fit in, and failing. And, there’s a lot of brutal violence and great characters you will fall in love with. Pick it up in stores, online shops, and Amazon on APRIL 6!

Signings will be announced here soon! I’ll be doing one in Long Island and one in New Jersey AT LEAST.



The most important book I’ve ever helped bring to life is about to happen and I couldn’t be happier. The fabulous Joe Glass and I took on this anthology of mlm (men loving men) romance stories that adults would love, yet aren’t sexual, so cool parents can feel comfortable buying the book for their queer sons. The creator lineup is ENTIRELY queer men, or AMAB nonbinary folks with a same sex attraction – and the talent is all A-list – the stories heartfelt and the art gorgeous. We wanted the pieces to be entirely authentic, as so much queer content right now is written or drawn by straight creators who are more or less guessing what a queer experience is like.

See more information, and sneak peeks on the art, at Gizmodo here!

For me, I wanted to help create the book that younger me would have found comfort and hope while reading. Love is possible, for us all.


OK so here’s the condensed version of the story. My 2020/2021 lineup was looking pretty great. I had a bunch of books green-lit, both creator-owned and licensed work. All my hard work in comics was finally paying off despite the gross way people use and abuse each other in this industry.

Then COVID happened. And comic shops were closed. So comic shops stopped ordering books. And comic publishers started cancelling titles. And I got hit hard.

So I lost 5 entire fkn series that I’d put my heart into, that were in various stages of development, that I thought, for sure, were what would finally open up the rest of the doors that had been closed to me.

Again: 5 ENTIRE COMIC SERIES cancelled because of COVID.

So I lost hope and faith a bit. YOUNG MEN IN LOVE survived the storm, and with this book, and the POSER trade paperback, I’m hopeful again for my future in the industry. We’ll see!

– Matt