YOUNG MEN IN LOVE is OUT NOW – Signing at Forbidden Planet 7/13!

Hey all, quick note!

YOUNG MEN IN LOVE, my newest anthology book co-spearheaded with JOE GLASS, is out in comic stores NOW. Featuring talent from as metric ton of queer men and NB folks with same-sex attraction, this book is from an entirely authentic point of view, appropriate for all ages and spans genres from slice of life shorts to kaiju battles to fantasy adventures or pirates or secret agents – it’s all in there.

Older readers will find the stories charming and heartwarming, while younger readers, I hope, will find comfort in seeing that love is possible and out there for everyone.

This is, without a doubt, the most important book I’ve ever helped usher into the world. It’s out NOW in comic stores and out the 19th in book stores/Amazon. Buy copies for you, buy copies for gifts!

Come out, NYC!

I’ll be signing the book this WEDNESDAY along with a bunch of massively talented creators who helped make this book the important work that it is.

Please show up, New York City, HOWEVER if you can’t make it, click here to pre-order signed copies from Forbidden Planet: