Thanks for all the Liberator support, everyone!

cinar.liberator.figure_edited-1Since announcing Liberator I’ve gotten a lot of supportive emails from both existing comics readers and people supportive of the themes of Liberator who don’t already have a pull list at their LCS (or even know what an LCS is) – it’s been incredible.

When starting this series I wanted to bring new people to comics and that looks like it’s happening, plus I wanted to bring the themes running through Liberator, themes that are near and dear to my heart, to new eyes.

Today I received another shout out of support from someone who, like me, has their feet in both the comic and animal protection worlds; it meant so much to me today to wake up to this email.  So I wanted to share it with you guys.

Hi Matt,
Just a fan that wanted to send you and your a team a GIGANTIC THANK YOU for making the comic ‘Liberator’. I know it’s not out just yet, and the first issue is being released soon. As both an artist (Illustration!), a huge nerd and a vegan/animal rights activist, I can’t TELL you how refreshing it is to see other animal rights comics coming out that don’t revolve around ‘minor’ characters like Animal Man and Beast Boy.
I wish I had more words to express just how excited and beyond ecstatic that this breakthrough in the nerd fandom is finally happening, but I honestly cannot. I look forward to purchasing every issue, supporting everything that this comic has to offer and hopefully in the future, cosplaying as one of the female characters. (Probably Jeanette!) I also hope that one day you are able to travel to conventions all over because I’d LOVE to meet all of you wonderful people in person!
Thank you so, so much!
Until every cage is empty!,
Rxxx Pxxxxx

Thank you so much R.  🙂

Thanks everyone and please find me on Twitter because next month we will need your preorders in at your LCS if you want Liberator and I’ll be telling you how over there!

– Matt