Pick up Liberator #1 at these stores (part 1) and a note to retailers on add-on selling:

Liberator-iss1-cover1aI wanted to do a post of shops who have been very supportive of Liberator and have really gone out of their way to show that support and ask that, if you’re in their area, please buy Liberator from them on June 19 and beyond.

I titled this post “Part 1” because there are tons of stores carrying the book – these are just a FEW of them – and I want to do more posts highlighting other shops, as well.  So if you’re a shop and you’re backing Liberator please reach out to me through the contact info on this site.




(L) Rod Reis painted cover (R) Ag-gag awareness cover

* stores marked with an asterisk are carrying the extremely limited Rod Reis painted cover and Ag-Gag cover variants of issue 1.

To retailers:

If you’re backing Liberator then I want to help you and bring you new regular readers.  If you have new customers coming in for Liberator, looking a little lost, there are a handful of other great books that should be easy add-on sells to animal rights and social justice folks:

  • SWEET TOOTH – animal/human hybrids fighting for survival against a mankind that wants to eradicate them
  • WE3 – kidnapped dog, cat and rabbit escape from military animal testing, fight for survival
  • ANIMAL MAN (Grant Morrison’s run) – superhero uses animal powers to help animals in need
  • BATMAN INC. (recent) – whatever trade collects the rescue of Batcow & Robin goes vegetarian
  • OCCUPY COMICS – art and stories inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement – all profits donated to Occupy related initiatives
  • V FOR VENDETTA – Alan Moore’s landmark story of revolution