Matt Miner (LIBERATOR) #SLComicCon schedule + RAD bonus for cosplayers!

Hey everyone, a couple things:

1. Here’s my con schedule for Salt Lake City.

  • I’m there all 3 days  (Sept 5-7)
  • Table A10 in artist alley
  • Saturday 11:30-12:30 signing at Black Cat Comics booth #429 – FREE exclusive button to anyone who comes to this event & gets books signed!
  • Saturday 1-1:50PM I’m doing the Internet & Social Media for Writers & Artists panel
  • Saturday 5-5:50PM I’m doing the “I’ve created my comic book, now what?” panel

2. Come find me in Artist Alley in LIBERATOR cosplay (either Jeanette or Damon) for a super exclusive awesome thing – if you’re a LIBERATOR fan this will be worth your while.

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