Auctions to help Steve Niles and Monica Richards rebuild after Austin, TX floods destroy their home


Hi everyone,

As you may or may not know, comic creator Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, Breath of Bones) and musician Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse, Anima Mundi, Strange Boutique) were hit by the Austin, TX flooding on Sunday, which caused extensive damage to their home.  Here’s an article about it with a direct donation link to help Steve during this time.

I tried to gather some donations of books and art at New York Comic Con and from those we have the first set of auctions running, proceeds are going to be sent to Steve and Monica to help them out:


That link should continue to be good through the 2nd and maybe even 3rd waves of auctions.  I’ll keep doing auctions as long as comics pros want to send me stuff.

That said: 

How do you send stuff for the auctions?:  If you’re a comic pro or musician or anyone else who makes cool, easily ebayed things for a living, email me at matt @ unpunk . com for more info.

Some ideas for things that would be great to send:  blank sketch cover comics (sketched and signed), variant or show exclusive comics (signed), older or key issue comics (signed), sketched and signed trade paperbacks and hardcovers, abandoned or unsold commissions, original art pages.

Who am I?:  My name is Matt Miner, and I write Liberator for Black Mask Studios.  Steve is a friend but also one of the principals at Black Mask.

Why am I doing this?: Besides the obvious reasons, my wife and I were flooded during Hurricane Sandy and so I know a little of what Steve’s going through.  It’s absolute hell.  Money will help.

Alright, thanks and hit me up on twitter with any questions:  @MattMinerXVX