NEW Liberator stories available to pre-order NOW – hurry!

Hey everyone!

Big news!  NEW Liberator stories are available to pre-order NOW and we’d sure appreciate if you did & spread the word, since pre-orders are what keep independent books like this one alive.

WIthout pre-orders it could be the end of animal vigilante heroes in mainstream comic shops and NOBODY but animal abusers and haters of fine comic books want that!  Note that pre-orders with shops must happen in the next 2 weeks so don’t delay!

New miniseries!  Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents #1 – Holy crap, hardcore legends Earth Crisis reached out and asked if we wanted to collaborate on a comic book that would tell a different side to the story told in their upcoming album Salvation of Innocents.  Super proud and excited to tell the story of Sarah Mann, a working class janitor of an animal testing lab who becomes inspired to take drastic measures to protect and save the animals she sees being tortured.


New stories in the LIBERATOR vol.1 Trade Paperback! – Since launching, Liberator has gained the attention of a slew of comics professionals, some of whom were invited to tell NEW Liberator stories which will be collected in the paperback collected edition of Liberator vol.1.  If you pre-ordered the previous version of the trade you WILL need to pre-order again because it’s been resolicted.  However, THIS is the book you want to get copies of for your friends, your neighbors, your kids and your enemies!

The trade paperback now collects Liberator #1-4, and is packed full of NEW stories by incredibly talented comics professionals including Ales Kot (Zero), Ed Brisson (Sheltered), Alex De Campi (Grindhouse), Megan Hutchison (Will O’ the Wisp), Tim Seeley (Revival), Matt Rosenberg (12 Reasons to Die), Fabian Rangel, Jr (Doc Unknown), Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller), Adam Egypt Mortimer (Ballistic), Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts) and MORE!  Over 40 pages of NEW stories we’re super excited and honored to include in the book!

Also included, a slew of new pinups, and Sean Von Gorman’s adorable Lil’ Liberator strips (including 1 new story!)

Really don’t miss this book because it’s going to be epic – please get your friends copies, post about it on Facebook and Twitter and wherever else on the internet you call home.


Pre-order direct from Black Mask Studios!

Pre-order from Discount Comic Book Services!

Pre-order at your local comic book store by printing the coupon below and bringing it with you on your next visit!

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