Midtown Comics podcast! Toe Tag Riot out on WEDNESDAY!

Matt Miner and Sean Von Gorman at Midtown Comics

Hey guys,

Sean and I were on the great Midtown Comics podcast the other day, held in the store I called a second home for years back when I lived in Manhattan.  Hear about my obnoxious fanboy days from the manager of the store and host of the podcast himself.  🙂

Also Sean and I talk about music, creative influences, zombie attacks on homophobes, and I talk about Critical Hit and where the series is headed.

Here’s the link!: http://blog.midtowncomics.com/midtown-comics-podcast-episode-18/8409/

Don’t forget, issue 1 hits stores on WEDNESDAY, please hit up your local comic store and pick up copies – tell your friends!  Also, find Sean and me at a signing!