Toe Tag Riot on comiXology today! Zombie punk rockers vs Westboro Baptist Church!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note that TOE TAG RIOT hit comiXology today, digital comics readers!

The series that made Westboro Baptist Church proclaim Sean and I would “Split Hell wide open”, guest starring Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley and guest appearances by Aquabats’ Ian Fowles and Jimmy the Robot, plus Gerard Way!

So if you didn’t catch the whole series and had a hard time finding physical copies, this is for you! Or: if you have friends who need to read this book, this is for you!

You can even gift digital comics through comiXology, to anyone with an email address! 

Give the gift of LGBT-friendly zombie-lovin'  and gore!

Give the gift of LGBT-friendly zombie-lovin’ and gore!