General info + Signing w/Sleazy P. Martini at Black Cat Comics!

A little general info what’s up on the GWAR release, since I am getting a LOT of messages asking me things like “when’s the comic coming out?” and “where can I buy it?” and “what the hell is a GWAR?”

So first things first:  GWAR: Orgasmageddon is a 4-issue miniseries being put out by Dynamite Comics and I’m co-writing with GWAR, who are also doing a substantial amount of art.  There’s a main story and then a couple small backups in each issue.  The backups are little gag strips much like the old 90s Slave Pit Funnies (a couple are even FROM the old SPF) and the main story is a serialized comic with a story that runs the length of the 4 issues.

Issue 1 will be out June 7th.  The rest of the issues will come out monthly after that.  You can pick up copies at any local comic book store, practically, (go here to find your comic store: or online at stores like,, and  If you don’t see all the issues available at those links it’s because we’re in pre-order phase right now, so please pre-order what you can, and on June 7 circle back to get the rest.  Pre-ordering is great and we like that, because it helps us out tremendously – but please support your local comic shops and ask THEM to pre-order for you, before buying online, if you can.

Kickstarter backers: I’m the only person who’s gonna be packing and shipping out Kickstarter orders and there are a LOT.  Yes, 666 backers doesn’t seem like an unwieldy amount, but a good majority of you guys got multiple packages, so it’s gonna take awhile.  Add to this that I’m doing signings with GWAR (those dates will be aggregated soon, but, June 7 at 2nd & Charles in RVA, June 8th at Third Eye in MD, June 24 at Coast City Comics in ME, and more to come) and like I explained in that Kickstarter update most people didn’t read:  The book will unfortunately be on shelves before Kickstarter backers get theirs.  I’m sorry, there isn’t any way for me to change that.  I will be sending everything out as quick as I can, and I thank you in advance for your patience.  

Please always refer to this site ( and the Kickstarter updates page ( then click updates) for the newest up-to-date news when you find yourself wondering “Hey, where’s my GWAR stuff?”

New news!  I’m signing on June 10th with the one and only Sleazy P. Martini in Salt Lake City at one of my very favorite stores, Black Cat Comics!  It’s Black Cat’s anniversary party (Lucky number 13) and they’re having sales, contests, giveaways, and a lot of talented people come down and sign comics.  Check it out!