GWAR #4 out Wednesday 10/18/2017!

Tomorrow (Wed) GWAR ORGASMAGEDDON #4 *FINAL ISSUE* from Dynamite Comics hits stands! Buy it or be fed to the world maggot!

I want to thank the guys in GWAR, and everyone at the Slave Pit, for letting me play in their world for a bit, and I want to profusely thank both Dynamite Comics for taking a chance on this book that became a surprise hit, and to the backers of the Kickstarter who helped us with the dough to make it a real thing.  Also huge thanks to all my collaborators and partners on the book, everyone who did fanart, and Kevin, Janie, Joe, Chris, and Pat at Dynamite, specifically, for all their hard work.
I’m super grateful to all of you, and I hope we can bring you more GWAR books soon – if you want to see more, letting Dynamite Comics know (don’t be weird) is probably a good idea.
Hope you like the end of this crazy story.  We all had so much fun making it for you.
– Matt