CALL TO ACTION! – GWAR fans, help needed to get GWAR a 2nd comic series!

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for all your support of the first GWAR series – the outpouring of love and kindness from all the fans has been enormous and humbling and it’s truly been a massive honor to work on this series with the guys and bring that to you.

We are very close to getting a 2nd GWAR comic series green-lit by the publisher, but we need to get the order numbers of the first series trade paperback up.  In other words: We need your help.

And it won’t even necessarily cost you money (at least not right now)!

We need people to contact stores and ask them to bring in the trade paperback.  If you haven’t already preordered then we need you to do that (that’s where it might cost you a few bucks).

But mostly we just need an outpouring of contact to comic stores asking them to bring in the GWAR book for their shelves.

The retailer response has been unanimously positive – every retailer I’ve spoken to has told me the single comics have sold well, or sold OUT, so stores just need to know there’s a massive demand and a dedicated fanbase and to give GWAR a chance.

call to action

  1. visit to find comic stores near you.
  2. look up those stores on facebook
  3. message their facebook pages and ask them nicely to carry the GWAR trade paperback
  4. let them know why you love the comic and why they should stock the book on their shelves
  5. if you haven’t preordered yet, the retailer can do that for you.

Info the store may need:  Publisher is Dynamite Comics, Diamond code is NOV171555, and the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) is January 15 of 2018.

If there isn’t a comic store directly in your town or city, search your nearby area for other stores.  Check out your comic stores and support local businesses.  If they’re close, feel free to visit and ask in person.  Send emails, or call.  Just be friendly and polite.

Thanks so much, everyone.  Together, we can do this!  Long live GWAR!