POSER available for pre-order NOW!

Hey everyone,

One my very favorite projects to date is coming out soon – it lives at the intersection of all the things I love:  punk rock, horror movies, grindhouse fun, and comics.  I truly hope you’ll check this out, because I’m super proud of it and the whole team has worked incredibly hard to bring this trope-flipping gory story to life.

POSER #1 and #2, from Waxwork Comics, are available to pre-order NOW – please print and bring this coupon with you to your comic shop and ask them to get you copies.



Print the coupon above, bring to your local comic store. Don’t know where one is? http://www.comicshoplocator.com has got your back.

ISSUE 1 – DIAMOND # JUL182295, streets September 5
ISSUE 2 – DIAMOND # JUL182296, streets October 3
Matt Miner (me, GWAR: Orgasmageddon, Liberator) : writer
Clay McCormack (Redline, from Oni Press) : art
Doug Garbark (DC Bombshells, WWE) : colors
Taylor Esposito (Red Hood, Batman Eternal) : letters
What comics professionals are saying about POSER:

Alex Segura (Archie meets Ramones, The Archies): “POSER inverts the tropes of the horror genre in a smart, compelling way, making for a ride that’s both entertaining and innovative. Hats off to Matt Miner and crew – you’ve got a winner on your hands.”

James Tynion IV (Batman, The Woods): “In POSER, Miner and McCormack give the punk music scene the brutal slasher story they never knew they needed before now.”

Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre): “Relentless and brutal, POSER is a must read for horror AND punk rock fans.”

Sean Murphy (Batman, Punk Rock Jesus): “Make no mistake: if you were a kid and bought this comic, it’s the kind of thing your mom would hate. POSER mixes two of my favorite things that came from the 80s–punk rock and horror movies. It’s a master class in sequential storytelling in both the writing and the art.”


In the event that you don’t have a comic store handy, you can pre-order POSER online from www.midtowncomics.com and www.tfaw.com as well as any number of other mail-order retailers.