New GWAR comic! It’s happening! Now we need your pre-orders!

Hey everyone!

Exciting news broke yesterday about the NEW GWAR GRAPHIC NOVEL that’s happening!  Check out the announcement at and the full press release here!

visit GWARCOMIC.COM to pre-order now!
visit GWARCOMIC.COM to pre-order now!

So, real talk:  This is gonna be a one-shot graphic novel (the kind that goes on your shelf and has a spine and everything) with one cover.  No variants EXCEPT the special pre-order exclusive BOOKPLATE edition.

We need you to pre-order direct through the publisher now.  We’re doing this rather than running a Kickstarter.  Your pre-order bux will help fund production of the product.  We appreciate you!

If we don’t get much in the way of pre-orders then, uh, well – let’s not think about that.  We need your pre-orders!

Some special swag if you pre-order!  All physical (not digital) pre-orders come with an exclusive print you only get by pre-ordering!  For a little more dough, you can pick up an exclusive Cardinal Syn enamel pin, a signed bookplate edition, signed BLOOD OF GODS cd, and .. for a lot of dough you can get some stage used props, including a Mattron slave mask, a Beefcake helmet that has seen 2 different musician’s skulls inside it, and (to me, the coolest of all): Jacques Cousteau’s severed head!  Freaking iconic one-of-a-kind stage and screen-used GWAR props!

My son, Pierre, diving through the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Searching, searching. He found death. Torn to pieces by rabid penguins

The story?

The story’s gonna involve the telling of the destruction of Flab Quarv 7 and GWAR’s coming to Earth from 7 unique viewpoints, the members of GWAR, as they’re interrogated by Sawborg and Bozo Destructo.  It’s gonna be so much fun and by the end of it, you’re guaranteed to see GWAR and the Destructos throw down against Cardinal Syn – it’s gonna be glooooorious!

Written by Matt Maguire (Sawborg Destructo) and me, with art by Matt Maguire, Kelly Williams, Jeff Martin, Liana Kangas, Matt LeJeune, Katie Longua, and Lukasz Kowalczuk, colors by Josh Jensen and letters by Taylor Esposito, with a cover by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and Josh Jensen – all GWAR fans, all bohabs.

FAQHow long do you have to pre-order?  It’s a limited time but I don’t know exactly how limited.  That means, please don’t delay.  What’s a bookplate?  It’s a special label affixed inside the book that’s been signed by all the members of GWAR.  Pretty cool, right?