Liberator volume 1 trade paperback in stores WEDNESDAY 4/9!

Hey guys,

At long last, the volume 1 trade paperback of Liberator hits comic stores on 4/9 (and Amazon + bookstores 4/15)

I can’t even express how grateful I am to Black Mask Studios for taking a chance on this book – and how stoked I am with how it all turned out.  Please pick it up when you hit your comic shop or hit this link and order it from Amazon.


It’s available at comic shops worldwide but for international readers, here are a handful of shops I know for a fact are carrying the book.  Hit me up on Twitter if you have a hard time finding the book in your area and I can try and help you out.

Remember, this is NOT a comprehensive list of stores carrying Liberator volume 1 – these are just the international locations that I know of

If you’re an international reader and don’t see a shop near you just google your nearest comic book store and give them a call – ask them to carry the book.










For US readers, hit the COMIC SHOP LOCATOR and plug in your zipcode, then just call your nearest comic book shop.  There are a TON of incredible stores in the US that are carrying this book – it’s sitting there on a shelf waiting for you right now!

International retailers, if you’re carrying the book & want me to promote your shop, hit me up on Twitter.