Toe Tag Riot #0 convention exclusive issues available! Toe Tag Riot #1 available to pre-order!

As reported on Bleeding Cool yesterday:

Sean and I have brought together a very special prequel issue of Toe Tag Riot – a special #0 issue that we’ll have available at Salt Lake Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con this year.

The books are limited to 300 pcs, so we don’t expect they’ll last long.  Hurry to one of these locations to snag a physical copy:

Salt Lake Comic Con : Matt Miner’s artist alley table Teal 2
Baltimore Comic Con: Sean Von Gorman’s artist alley table A183
New York Comic Con: Matt Miner & Sean Von Gorman’s artist alley table

Toe Tag Riot’s target in this very special issue?  Misogynist cosplay creeps.  You know, the guys plaguing the conventions, harassing, groping, and being overall douchebags to cosplayers…


Toe Tag Riot 0 - cover

Written by: Matt Miner
Art by: Sean Von Gorman
Colors by: Michael Spicer
Cover art: Dave Bullock, Cover Colors: Michael Spicer



Toe Tag Riot #1 is available to PRE-ORDER now!  It’s in the Previews catalog and is a spotlight book, so jump on board this crazy fun ride early!  Give this code to your comic retailer to pre-order!  SEP141103 – or pre-order online from Midtown Comics!

Pre-orders are like gold to independent comics, so please pre-order.  Without orders, Toe Tag Riot will be DOA and nobody but Westboro Baptist Church wants that!