TOE TAG RIOT #1 available to Pre-Order NOW, #comicmarket!

So here’s the thing – we KNOW there’s been a huge response to Toe Tag Riot.  People are VERY excited about the concept (zombie punk band who only kill and eat bad people like racists and Westboro Baptist Church) and we LOVE that.

But we NEED your help to make sure the book hits stores HARD.  We want YOU to be able to read it AND we want the 15 people who haven’t already heard of Toe Tag Riot who walk in to their comic store on November 26th to have a chance to pick up copies, as well.

Pre-orders (customers going to their comic store and asking the store to order a book for them ahead of release) are what stores use to gauge interest in a title.  If there are pre-orders then the store knows there’s interest in the book and will order for their shelves as well. 

Meaning, if Jane Comic-Reader wants to read Toe Tag Riot, she can do nothing and wait and try to find it on shelves, but since Jane Comic-Reader didn’t pre-order, it’s going to be harder to find a store that ordered, or ordered enough copies so that she can get one.  However, if Jane goes in to her store NOW (like right now, this week) and asks the shop to order and hands them a pre-order slip (below) then the store is gonna go “wow, what’s this Toe Tag Riot thing?  We should get some for the shelves.”

And that’s how independent books with new ideas and crazy concepts like ethical zombies who eat homophobes survive in this marketplace.  It’s through the pre-order.  It’s through asking your store to carry the book.  It’s through tweeting about the book and sharing it on Facebook and making sure your comic retailer knows there’s a readership for the book.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Do you have a comic book store near you that you buy comics from?  Then print this coupon and bring it to your store.  It’s super easy.  Tell them you really want this book – tell them it’s ZOMBIE PUNKS VS WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH (that should be enough of a sell, right??).

Print and bring to your comic store!

Print and bring to your comic store!

2. No comic store near you?  That’s OK, for the next 2 weeks you can pre-order online from Discount Comic Book Service in the USA  or if you’re in the UK you can pre-order online from Forbidden Planet!  If you don’t want to order from one of those 2 places then hit me up on Twitter at @MattMinerXVX and I’ll find a place you can pre-order from!  Seriously, I’m happy to help.

3. Before, during, and after you’ve done one of the 2 things above : TWEET about the book.  Tell your friends you’re excited about it.  Facebook about the book.  Tweet at your comic shop and ask if they’re carrying it.  Tweet at or facebook message comic bloggers or comic news sites and ask them to run a story.  Just please talk about the book – that helps ENORMOUSLY.  I have a Tweetdeck search bar for “TOE TAG RIOT” open all the time, so I’ll see it.  So will Sean.  We will love you forever if you do it and shower thanks and adoration upon you!


Thanks for listening!