GWARcast! First ever interview with GWAR slave MATTRON & writer Matt Miner

Hey all,

Did you know: There’s a podcast dedicated to all things GWAR?  It’s called GWARcast and in the last episode, just up today, the guys at GWARcast interview me, but more importantly they interview longtime GWAR slave Mattron, who I don’t believe has ever been interviewed before!


Check it out, subscribe to the podcast, and follow the advice given:  We need an army of GWAR fans to be calling comic stores, facebook messaging comic stores, and emailing comic stores to ask them to carry this comic book.

If they don’t know about the book, let them know it’s a featured item in this month’s PREVIEWS catalog, and the book is scheduled out in June.

Find your local comic shops at!
With your help spreading the word, we can have more GWAR series in the future – it’s really down to what happens with issue 1 orders by comic stores this month, though, so there’s no time to waste.

Also, feel free to post this NEW interview with sneak peeks of new art over on to your Twitters and Facebooks!  We appreciate it!  :


– Matt!