GWAR #1 ASHCAN EDITION at Phillipsburg Comic Con, NJ!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note, I’ll be a guest at Phillipsburg Comic Con this year – it’s a one-day show that benefits RAINN, an organization that helps victims of sexual violence.  It’s on May 13th (10AM-4PM), at Phillipsburg High School, just off Rt. 22 in Phillipsburg NJ at 1 Stateliner Blvd, Phillipsburg NJ 08865.

What I’ll have there, aside from older works:  GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON #1, a special sneak-peek ASHCAN edition, limited to 100pcs.  What’s an “ashcan edition?”  It means the interiors are in black and white, the dialogue may not be exactly final, and for this one it means all the backups you’ll see in the Dynamite Comics release later this year won’t be there.  It’s an early-edition limited run with maybe a couple rough edges.

But it’s extremely limited (only 100 printed) and rare, and not only that but we’re printing the interiors on newsprint, which means you’ll get the old-timey comic book smell that, for so many of us, is absolutely intoxicating.


If there are any left after the show, they’ll go up for sale on my retail site.  I know there’s going to be a keen GWAR collector demand for these, so in the interest of fairness, I won’t hold any or put any aside, so just be sure to follow me on Twitter at @MattMinerXVX, like me on Facebook, or just keep your eyes peeled on the GWAR fan groups on Facebook for any announcement about leftover stock after the show.

Cost at show: $20, cost after show (provided there are any left) $20 plus s&h.  

Printing on demand in low runs is expensive, hence the cost.  All money raised will go back into the GWAR book to help cover additional costs involved with production and promotion.