POSER is here! From Waxwork Comics!

Hey all,

New book, new book!  Poser_Package_1_web

Available first direct-through-the-publisher with an original 7″ record scored by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust (retro synth-wave meets hardcore punk, so think CONFLICT and TANGERINE DREAM doing a song together), is my next new thing: POSER.

Poser is a slasher-horror set in the SoCal punk rock scene, starring a cast of imperfect but relatable heroes/killer fodder.  It’s my favorite thing I’ve written, and I just wrote GWAR, so that’s saying something.  Art by Clay McCormack (Oni’s REDLINE) and Argento-esque colors by Doug Garbark, with letters by Taylor Esposito.

It’s real good, y’all.  Check it out.

Order from WAXWORK RECORDS: https://waxworkrecords.com/collections/comics/products/poser-issue-1


SYFY: “A perfect union of sound, words, and imagery.”  : http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/waxwork-comics-poser-slasher-comic-record-combo
GEEK.COM:  “The beat of this issue plays out like the first twenty minutes of a slasher flick in a way that I’ve rarely seen the comics medium accomplish.” : https://www.geek.com/comics/poser-1-review-from-waxwork-comics-1733367/
CAPELESS CRUSADER: “This is how horror movies should be written.” : http://capelesscrusader.org/review-poser-1/