NIX Comics Kickstarter! GWAR trade paperback!

Hey all,

Anyone who’s read anything I worked on sees I love the melding of music and comics and so it’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of NIX COMICS, a small indie publisher who makes Rock and Roll comics in the spirit of 80s and 90s punk zines, right?

Probably less of a surprise that I’ve conned Ken, the head of NIX COMICS, into letting me contribute to several issues of Nix Comics Quarterly. He keeps letting me come back – what a sucker.

Enter: the newest Nix Comics Kickstarter! (and yes, I have a piece in there with artist Matt LeJeune, who did the Balsac art on Mike Derks’ intro to the GWAR trade paperback).



You should totally back this. Hit up a subscription, or at least the level with the newest Nix Comics Quarterly so you get to find out why Bus Stop Ned’s so dang worried about the government watching him!

Also, the GWAR trade paperback is out on Wednesday!  Buy it!  Love it!  Give one to Mom!