2 weeks left for DEATH TRAP on Kickstarter! Hurry!

It occurs to me I never updated my blog thing to include info on my new book with Christopher Peterson, Josh Jensen, and Matt Krotzer:  DEATH TRAP.


Death Trap follows Ollie, a young woman raised in a circus crime family, as she’s teamed with the ghost of her murdered father for some sweet revenge on the rival carnie fucks who killed him.  It’s utterly bananas, full of heart, and has a rocket powered pitbull, so you should CLICK HERE and back the project right now.

We really need everyone’s help here.


Backers can score Kickstarter exclusives of the first issue, the whole graphic novel, and really unique rewards like being turned into a bobblehead figure on the dashboard of a bad guy’s car!  Plus all kinds of original art, help for your own comics, and more!


Click and back Death Trap now!  Time is running out to make this book a reality!

Thanks!  As always!  – Matt